Champagne Campaign: An Election Year Bachelorette Party!

Republican party? Democratic party? More like... BACHELORETTE PARTY, AMIRITE?!

No matter your political affiliation, we can reach across the aisle and agree on one thing - bachelorette weekends with a topical theme and a pun-worthy party are something we can all vote YES on. Bride-to-be Wendy is getting married in the days leading up to the most important elections of our nation's history. And while she isn't a political nerd by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes you have to grab the elephant by the trunk, the donkey by the... errr... ass, and take advantage of the current trends.

Invitation designed on Paperless Post

The weekend began with a "convention" at an ice cream shop (because what's more American than an ice cream party?) And while this election is all about female empowerment, the bride's posse was co-ed for the kickoff event.

Guests were treated to campaign buttons, ice cream cones and a personalized Snapchat filter on the private patio of Sweet Rose Creamery!

Once the bride and her besties has "gaveled in", it was time for the weekend to get underway! With the convention city being Los Angeles, activities for the weekend included a studio tour, a swanky rooftop dinner, a winery, and a karaoke nightclub. Guests donned red, white and blue sunnies and temp tattoos reading "I'M WITH HER Bachelorette Party".

From the bride...

I happen to be getting married during a political race that has created uproar from coast to coast. With my wedding only four days before the election, my bachelorette party had campaigning written all over it! My sister is brilliant and created a "convention" schedule that incorporated so many fun details in a short amount of time. There were campaign buttons and tattoos for my "delegates" to wear all weekend, and other themed gifts to enjoy long after the party ended.  I had chosen my running mate for life, and now was the time to celebrate! As we gaveled in and out of each campaign event, I couldn't help but be so thankful to have a sister/MOH that took the time and energy to throw such a perfect bachelorette weekend for me. It was a weekend I will never forget, in an election year I don't think any of us will forget!

Safe to say, this "political" party had the time of their lives...

Photography: Meadow Runner Productions || Signage designed by: Nick Hensley-Wagner


Yeah, I'd Get Married In That: Emmys 2016

From Game of Thrones to Transparent and everything in between, our favorite tv shows repped on the red carpet for the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards and brought their A-game when it came to dressing for the occasion.

We love to look to the stars when it comes to bridal inspiration, and this year's Emmys provided brides-to-be with fabulous frocks to fuel their dress fantasies. Capes! Hot pink florals! Creative necklines! And MORE FLORALS! These were the five looks from this year's Emmy Awards that made us put down the popcorn, take a thoughtful sip of Sauvignon, and say "Yeah, I'd get married in that."

From L to R: Guiliana Rancic in Georges Chakra Couture, Constance Zimmer in Monique Lhuillier, Anika Noni Rose in Tadashi Shoji, Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad, and Emilia Clarke in Atelier Versace

A Bieber-Inspired Bridesmaid Shoot. Yes, You Read That Right

Nasim and her fiancé Juaquin are gettin' hitched this December, and while a lifelong commitment to her main man will be the focal point of the festivities then, her closest friends were the center of the celebration during a bridesmaid photoshoot captured by Casey Brodley.

Bridesmaid shoots are a trendy new addition to photography packages, and for good reason: you WANT professional photos with your besties. So when this badass bride-to-be brought the idea of a special photo sesh to her gals (and guy), the response was a resounding "HELL YES!". YBOD was lucky enough to tag along during the all-too-fun photoshoot!

From the bride:

Doing a photoshoot with my bridespeople is something I'd been thinking about way before I even got engaged. Not only do I love photography - a secret obsession - but I've always valued a great photo of me and my loved ones over anything I own. On my very first call with our photographer Casey Brodley I said, "I definitely want an engagement shoot with my fiancé, Juaquin, but what are your thoughts on an engagement shoot with my bridal party?" Her response was "OK... I've never done that before but I. LOVE. THE. IDEA". It was game on from there.


The group dressed in shades of gray for the first shoot, with colorful Melrose Avenue as their backdrop. Don't these classic shots make the bridal party look like T-Swift's squad?

But make no mistake, the party was just getting started...

While Juaquin is the absolute love of my life I have an entirely different kind of love affair with my best friends. These people are woven into the fabric of who I am as a person.
— Nasim Meybodi, Badass Bride
 Is it too late now to say sorry?

Is it too late now to say sorry?

The second shoot of the day was inspired by the Justin Bieber's "Sorry" music video - colorful 90's hip hop garb, red lips, and booty shakin'. The group brought their A-game (obviously), hitting the streets of West Hollywood in snapbacks, sneaks, bomber jackets, giant hoops, high ponys, and short-shorts.

The bridal party flew from all over the country - from San Diego to Pittsburgh - to be part of the bride's unique photo op. Said Nasim:  

There were months and months of planning and conferring on fashion and lipstick colors and hair styles. Each of my bridespeople was into it in their own way. Some were more concerned with nailing the right shade of grey and others wanted to ensure there was enough booze for the day. And at the end of it, we all cracked-up and totally embraced the experience. I get choked up just thinking about it. It was so special to see all my people together in that setting doing something that meant so much to me... When we're old and wrinkly, we'll be really grateful we have these pictures to remind ourselves of when we were young and hot.

A sneak peek from the final collection of photos! Provided by photographer Casey Brodley

Ready for all of the feels? Here's what Nasim's MOH Ashley had to say when I asked her what made the day so special:

What makes any event in your life special? The women who fill you up. I'm fortunate to have claimed many of these women as my own dear friends over the years, so I have a very unique advantage to ingest almost as much joy as Nasim from this circle of ladies. They are each a lightning rod of beauty and individuality, which makes for a celestial day. And, it fills my heart seeing my best friend so stinking happy (please, don't tell her that...she'll start to get the feels).

Sorry Ash, we had to let her know.

We LOVE the idea of a bridesmaid shoot! It's the ultimate bonding experience for you and your bridal party (especially those that aren't yet best friends), and a great way to get some QT in with your photographer too. Have YOU thought about doing a bridesmaid shoot?

Photographer: Casey Brodley (IG: @CaseyBrodley) || Makeup: Kassiopia Fiala (IG: @kassiopiafiala)


"The Sign": Not Just a 90's Megahit By a Swedish Pop Group With Possible Ulterior Motives's also a very important part of your wedding decor. And on this, the one-year anniversary of my own nuptials, I wanted to show off some of the signage from our wedding. Let's get personal, shall we?

Without signs, your guests may feel a little lost. Our venue - The 1909 in Topanga, CA - was both incredibly beautiful and expansive. Partygoers were guided through a labyrinth of locations within the venue using handmade signage that Hubby and I created with the help of some talented guests.

I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile. And I want so much to tell you... that the ceremony is down these stairs.

My love of music, puns, and musical puns were the creative force behind most of the signage. And as for the actual how-to? That part was simple. A white paint pen (water-based) purchased at Michael's - for 40% off obviously - became my best friend. I used that paint pen on EVERYTHING:

  • Tolsby IKEA frames, spray painted gold (a wedding's best friend)
  • Arrow chalkboard sign, also purchased at Michael's
  • Stand-up chalkboard sign, purchased on Craigslist
 See, first of all, I know these so-called players wouldn't tell you this. Photo cred:  Mollie Jane Photography

See, first of all, I know these so-called players wouldn't tell you this. Photo cred: Mollie Jane Photography

Joke's on you. I ate WAY more than one. Photo cred: Mollie Jane Photography

Still applicable. Photo cred: Mollie Jane Photography

Did you DIY your own signage? Sound off in the comments below!