Because you can't do this shit without your bride or die chicks by your side

We're Amanda and Wendy. We'll be your bride or die chicks from the moment you pin that dope ring you've been dreaming of, until you collapse at the end of your wedding night, buzzed, happy and desperately trying to get your bra off.

You're a badass bride and you need a place to inspire you that isn't like the other wedding blogs. You're not pinning mason jars. The word "rustic" isn't in your coordinator's binder. You got so drunk at the last wedding you attended that you were bedridden for 3 days and announced to all of social media "I'm never going to another wedding!". We get that.

This is where you need to be. We'll be posting real badass weddings, advice from #BossBrides, tutorials, and all kinds of other surprises. And we'd love to hear from you! If you have a rad idea, a crazy bachelorette party tale, or a photos from your own bitchin' wedding, we want to be your best friend. We've got your back. We're your bride or die chicks.

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