Champagne Campaign: An Election Year Bachelorette Party!

Republican party? Democratic party? More like... BACHELORETTE PARTY, AMIRITE?!

No matter your political affiliation, we can reach across the aisle and agree on one thing - bachelorette weekends with a topical theme and a pun-worthy party are something we can all vote YES on. Bride-to-be Wendy is getting married in the days leading up to the most important elections of our nation's history. And while she isn't a political nerd by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes you have to grab the elephant by the trunk, the donkey by the... errr... ass, and take advantage of the current trends.

Invitation designed on Paperless Post

The weekend began with a "convention" at an ice cream shop (because what's more American than an ice cream party?) And while this election is all about female empowerment, the bride's posse was co-ed for the kickoff event.

Guests were treated to campaign buttons, ice cream cones and a personalized Snapchat filter on the private patio of Sweet Rose Creamery!

Once the bride and her besties has "gaveled in", it was time for the weekend to get underway! With the convention city being Los Angeles, activities for the weekend included a studio tour, a swanky rooftop dinner, a winery, and a karaoke nightclub. Guests donned red, white and blue sunnies and temp tattoos reading "I'M WITH HER Bachelorette Party".

From the bride...

I happen to be getting married during a political race that has created uproar from coast to coast. With my wedding only four days before the election, my bachelorette party had campaigning written all over it! My sister is brilliant and created a "convention" schedule that incorporated so many fun details in a short amount of time. There were campaign buttons and tattoos for my "delegates" to wear all weekend, and other themed gifts to enjoy long after the party ended.  I had chosen my running mate for life, and now was the time to celebrate! As we gaveled in and out of each campaign event, I couldn't help but be so thankful to have a sister/MOH that took the time and energy to throw such a perfect bachelorette weekend for me. It was a weekend I will never forget, in an election year I don't think any of us will forget!

Safe to say, this "political" party had the time of their lives...

Photography: Meadow Runner Productions || Signage designed by: Nick Hensley-Wagner